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Step 1 - Design an Order Form
Step 1
Traders list products and services in one of the following secure AusMerchant order forms.

> AusMerchant Standard: A standardisded order form that customers can customise as per their requirements
> AusMerchant Custom: We will work with customers to create a unique order form and payment process as per the customers unique needs
> AusMerchant Supply Your Own: If customers have the skills and abilities in-house to create web pages they can supply their own to be hosted on our secure servers

Step 2 - Place Products and Services On-line
Step 2
The AusMerchant order form can:

Seamlessly integrate with an existing Web site, or

Be accessed as a stand-alone Web site.

Be accessed as a stand-alone non-branded Web site such as so that you maintain complete control over your customers on-line experience without advertising another website’s domain name.

Step 3 - Transaction Process
Step 3A
Customers select desired products and services and place their order specifying their method of payment - credit card, cheque or money order.

Step 3B
The customers credit card is verified, and if all information is entered correctly, the customer is sent a receipt via e-mail, and a screen receipt which can be printed to confirm transaction.

Step 3C
Traders receive the customers' orders and credit card details either directly via fax, or log-in to a secure area of the AusMerchant site to retrieve them.

Step 4 - Banking
Step 4
AusMerchant traders complete the transaction by processing the customer's credit card details through an existing merchant facility.

» AusMerchant Benefits

  Safe & secure eCommerce gateway
  Some of our current clients
  Rates & online ordering form