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AusMerchant Benefits
  • Instantly expand your business' customer base.
  • AusMerchant incorporates the latest eCommerce technology into your business.
  • Penetrate the massive Internet market with a simple and cost-effective payment gateway.
  • Evaluate your e-commerce potential without inhibitive costs.
  • AusMerchant provides a safe and secure payment gateway between you and your customers.
  • Consumer confidence is ensured with all AusMerchant systems hosted on our secure server.
  • EPS provides 24 hour technical support. No costs or limits on transactions.
  • AusMerchant can be incorporated into a businesses' existing Web site or hosted on AusMerchant's secure servers.
  • Capable of being tailored to suit any businesses' needs, especially as customer demands grow and change.
  • To gain the trust and respect of your customers AusMerchant is built using the latest security and correct 'net etiquette' (disclaimers, privacy policies and e-mail receipts).
  • All this leaves you to do what your good at - your business!
  • The location of the secure page that AusMerchant provides you with does not contain any AusMerchant branding so you maintain complete control over your customers on-line experience


AusMerchant utilises the latest 128-bit encryption codes, as recommended in US Government guidelines to transmit data over the Internet. This ensures that credit card transactions conducted through AusMerchant are as secure as technically possible. To increase your chance of making a sale to customers who do not yet use their credit card on-line, the AusMerchant system will also prompt your customers to pay for your goods or services with cheque or money order.

To learn more about AusMerchant's security, send an e-mail to AusMerchant and a technician will happily explain the technology.

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AusMerchant Benefits
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